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Fund Project Representative
Fund Project Representative


Representative of fund program

Position: representative of fund investment project
Number: several
Position description:
Entrusted by management company, supervise each link in the process of development and operation of projects such as fund management, project management and cost control in the real estate project invested by the funds; ensure the safety of fund investment.
1. Entrusted by management company, independently supervise the invested project in accordance with the limits of authority, and responsible for the management company.
2. Supervise the project in accordance with regulatory agreement and requirements of regulatory scheme (previous procedure, project schedule, cost control, sales and cash flow).
3. Report project operation and management data, capital operation and project supervision report every month, timely report work to the management company, and submit written report on work every month.
4. Finish other tasks assigned by the management company in time, and perform the instruction of the management company.

1. Educational background: engineering, finance, accounting, and management related bachelor degree or above, more than primary title professional qualification;
2. Work experience: more than five years of working experience in real estate or engineering unit, and 2 years of working experience as department manager; project development and management experience, and those who have experience in controlling the whole process of real estate project and experience in real estate investment and financing are preferred;
3. Familiar with national real estate industry related policy, laws and regulations; familiar with the process of real estate development and feasibility analysis;
4. Proficient in daily office software, with strong learning ability;
5. Loyal to their duties, work carefully, with clear thoughts and good communication skill; strong ability of independent work, judgment and execution; personal credit is good, without illegal and criminal record.

1. Loyal to the enterprise, with high sense of responsibility and initiative, so as to ensure the interests of investors.
2. Objective, rigorous, practical, and dedicated;
3. Strong ability of interpersonal communication, coordination and organization;
4. Have strong ability of independent work, judgment and execution.
Special requirement: long-term business trip or station abroad (back to the company for reporting work every month).

Work place: the place where the company of fund investment project is located (generally provincial cities or third line cities).
Requirement on family register: unlimited, those who have work experience in Beijing are preferred.