Grand china real estate fund management co., Ltd(shorter form: Grand China Fund) was founded on Mar. 2010, was managed the first normative registered of PE Real estate RMB fund in Beijing (BEIJING Grand China Real estate Fund), and the first succeeded record in National Development and Reform Commission in China, The initial fund promoter of Grand China Real estate fund (FoF) are Beijing YINXIN investment Co., Ltd、FUHO Capital、Sunshine100 co., Ltd、FORTE Group and XISHEN capital (XISHEN capital was commissioned participate with China Commercial Real Estate Commission). Those were composed entirely of the most famous real estate corporation in china and Real estate Professional Association by the Chinese government. The current president of the China Association of real estate fund is Dr Mingeng Zhang, who was the founder and Chairman of the Grand china real estate fund management co., Ltd.

Grand China fund invited famous Real Estate and Financial Investor and expert Nie meisheng、Ren zhiqiang、Pan shiyi、Ba shusong、Ivan Ko organized the top Board of advisors, Also, Grand China fund invite different professional manager who have real estate exploitation experience and real estate PE investment experience join in the fund management team,to adequate assurance the Success in project operation and investor fund safety.

Grand China fund offer investor a safety invest interest platform, to demand of shareholder and core management team, excellent real estate develop and operation ability, successful performance history and seriously risk control system to reduce investment risk exactly, to thus offer a safety interest to investors. Currently, Grand China Fund already invest twelve projects, exited three projects successfully, all investors received higher expected return on time, the fund also received good comment and support from all institution and individual investors. Grand China fund investors are include famous institutional investors such as Havest fund、CINDA asset management、Orient asset management and high net income personal investors. 

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